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Misc Meeting Presentations

The past meeting presentations are available for download to all. The PDFS have been restricted. If you desire to use a material posted on our website, please contact our webmaster or the author(s).

To download the presentations in Power Point format, please click here to be directed to log in information on our FTP site.

      Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (November 2012)
Lone Star College (April 2012)  PPDM (March 2012) EAGE & SPE Presentations (June 2008) HGS and GSH Geoscience Education Day (September 2007)
SPE Applied Technology Workshop on Multi-discipline Well Positioning (October 2006) GIS in the Rockies (September 2005) SPE Wellbore Positioning Technical Section (November 2005) SEG Special Technical Session (November 2005)
ION (January 2005)
IHS Users Group and Symposium (January 2005) Oklahoma University Colloquium (November 2004) Oceanology International (October 2002)

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