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If you have any questions about membership, ideas for upcoming events, or simply want to reach us, connect with the members of the Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG) through the contact details provided below.


2019 Officers


Kelly Kore


Chris Echols


Bobby Saleh
Guidon Energy

2019 Committee Chairs & Members

Strategic & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)

Barry Barrs (Chair)
Michael Barnes
John Conner
Ellen Nodwell
Derek Salvage
Jon Stigant

Education Committee

Stacey Lyle (Chair)

Membership & Records Committee

Melissa Woods

The position of Membership Chair is currently available. Contact the APSG Chair for more details.

Communications Committee

Jennifer Still (Chair)

Nominations Committee

Kevin Crozier (Chair)
Jay Hollingsworth
Mark Michell
Keith Kneale

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