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APSG Ambassadors

The purpose of our APSG Ambassadors is to develop long term links with other professional organizations and to seek new members to complement our current knowledge base.

Professional Affiliations Development
ACSM: Robert Young
CAPP Geomatics: Glen Belbeck & Dan Benwood
ESRI PUG: Peter Moreau
FIG: Robert Young
GITA: Patrick Cunningham
GSH: John Conner
HCC: Israel Arroyo
HGS: Jon Stigant
IADC: David Clayton
IECO: Michael Barnes
IMCA US: Stephen Browne
ION: Jim Cain
ISCWSA: Mark Michell
MTS: Stephen Browne
OGP S&P: Barry Barrs
PPDM: Michael Barnes
Renewables: John Morse
RICS: Michael Barnes
SEG: Barry Barrs
SPE: Mark Michell
SUT: Andy Hill
THSOA: Tim Griffin

Applications are welcomed for individuals who would like to become an APSG Ambassador for the following organizations: NAPE, GeoForum, & HBA Oil Lawyers.

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