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FTP Log In Instructions

Below are the log in instructions for accessing the FTP site. Many thanks to John Conner at EnSoCo Inc. for hosting and supporting our FTP Site.

The Login credentials are as follows:
For Filezilla -
Username: apsguser
Password: DtMn067_2011apsg
For web access –
1. Go to
2. Insert this information
USERNAME: apsguser
PASSWORD: DtMn067_2011apsg
3. Click LOGIN button
4. Choose UPLOAD from the choices at the top. NOTE* you can either upload the presentations individually or as a zip folder. If you do the folder option let me know and I can extract on my end fairly quickly.
5. After uploading all the desired files choose the green check mark in the upper left to begin the actual upload.
6. Choose the red power button in the upper right corner.

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