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  • 27 Jul 2018 8:52 AM | Anonymous

    Message from Chair

    Dear Members,

    Many of you may have noticed, but for those who have not - Here is an official introduction to the new!

    This past month APSG began rolling out the new website, updated to offer members a way to better access the information you need and better represent the organization as a whole. We believe this is a step in the right direction.

    The Member's Only content such as Presentations, Publications, and Member's Directory are accessible using your usual log-in details.

    Please report any issues or offer ideas for new features by contacting me at or Jennifer Still at We welcome your feedback and suggestions for new content.


    Jason Humber
    APSG Central Chapter Chair

  • 14 May 2018 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    Did you have the chance to attend this year's Esri Petroleum GIS Conference - better known in the Oil and Gas community as Esri PUG - in Houston, TX this month? We were able to catch up with APSG professionals and student members alike - such a great turn out!

    For those who missed the presentations that our members gave this year, they are available to current APSG members in the Presentations section as are photos in our Photo Gallery online.

  • 28 Apr 2016 10:00 PM | Bobby Saleh

    APSG presented a series of three informative presentations at this year's Esri Petroleum User Group Conference.  The title of the series was called: "Basic Geodetics - What Every GIS User Should Know".

    Click on the links below to view the presentation slide sets:

    ESRI_PUG_Conference_2016_APSG_Workshop_Basic_Geodetics - Steve Long.pdf

    ESRI_PUG_Conference_2016_APSG_Workshop_Map_Projections - Michael Barnes.pdf

    ESRI_PUG_Conference_2016_APSG_Workshop_Coordinate_Reference_Systems - Phil Summerfield.pdf

  • 04 Apr 2016 9:40 PM | Bobby Saleh

    The APSG will give three presentations at this year's ESRI PUG conference. The PUG event will be held in downtown Houston on April 26-28th, 2016 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  The APSG workshop abstracts are posted at the following location. 

    Click here for the PUG 2016 - APSG Workshop Presentations
  • 27 May 2015 3:24 PM | Anonymous

    APSG Central Chapter News

    Dear Members,

    I wanted to share with you the recent activities within our Chapter.

    The Spring meeting was a resounding success. In fact it was our best meeting in terms of attendees. The presentations were very well received and the feedback was also very positive . For those of you who missed the meeting the theme of our meeting was "Advances in Geo Spatial Technologies" and we had presentations on UAV, LIDAR and other new technologies. We had several excellent speakers. I have had several attendees calling me and wanting to include the same topics for our next meeting as they felt the rules governing the UAV's are rapidly changing and they need to be aware of the new rules. We will consider this request along with other suggested topics for our fall meeting which is scheduled for October 29th, 2015. The location and the theme has not been decided but will be announced soon.

    Back to the Spring meeting and I want to thank all the presenters, volunteers, attendees and sponsors who made the meeting a great success.

    I would also like to inform you that the APSG's first student chapter at Texas A and M university is now officially recognized and we are planning activities with them. If any one of you is interested, please contact us.

    I also want to update you with the personnel changes in the Central Chapter. Robert Edwards, our treasurer, Erin Medina our Website chair and Samantha Murray our education chair have decided to step down due to various reasons. At the last STAC Meeting it was decided that Stephan Kieval will be the interim website chair, Kelly Fournier will be the interim treasurer and Greg Pilgrim will be interim membership chair. Please join me in welcoming these folks to our APSG team. Also please join me in thanking Samantha, Robert and Erin for job well done.

    Stay tuned for details on the Fall meeting


    Ashok Wadwani


    281 579 0492

  • 27 May 2015 3:20 PM | Anonymous

    IOGP  Releases Version 1.1 of its P1 and P2 Geophysical Position Data Exchange Format

    Dear Members & Guests,

    The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has released version  1.1 of its P1 and P2 geophysical position data exchange formats.  Originally released in 2012 to replace the UKOOA P1/90 and P2/94 formats, the revised versions incorporate industry feedback from the first release and provide greater flexibility – without changing the fundamental format structure. For example, the format now enables the recording of land and OBC formats and additional peripheral sensor or QC data. 

    The OGP P1/11 v1.1, OGP P2/11 v1.1 formats are available at: and (also at

    The formats incorporate learnings from the first two years of implementation and include enhancements requested by the industry, such as: handling channel grouping; ‘virtual’ position objects such as mid-points; global pre-plot attributes; event-based attributes; receiver and source relation records
    IOGP is revising the original user guide. It is expected to be published during Q3  2015.

    Click Here for Full Press Release





    Ashok Wadwani

    Chair APSG Central

    281 579 0492


  • 04 Mar 2015 7:45 PM | Anonymous

    Request from
    the Chair

    Dear Members & Guests,

    IOGP is holding their meeting in Dublin on April 23rd and 24th. I am hoping some of our members will be attending this conference. APSG has been invited to present a short update on our activities. This will be a good opportunity to let people know about our organization. If any of our members are attending this meeting and would like to represent APSG and present a short power point presentation, please contact me. If no volunteers are available, IOGP will do the presentation on our behalf.



    Thanks for your continued support


    Ashok Wadwani


    281 579 0492

  • 16 Feb 2015 4:37 PM | Anonymous

    APSG Central Chapter Spring Meeting 2015

    Dear Members & Guests,

    US Central Chapter Spring meeting is almost here and we are getting ready for the event. The meeting will be held on April 7, 2015 a day before the ESRI PUG meeting. The location will be at BP, Westlake Park Blvd Complex in Houston. 


    The theme for our meeting is "Advances in Geo Spatial Technologies - Whats New?" Several members have requested presentations on how the new disruptive technologies ie UAV/ LIDAR etc. are impacting the Geo Spatial applications and we are inviting interested members and guests to submit a short abstract for presentation at the upcoming Spring meeting. These are just few suggested topics but you are welcome to submit papers with other related technologies applicable to Oil and Gas industry. Other topics can be GLONASS , Mobile applications, Data management,  etc.  Case studies will be preferred. Vendors are welcome to submit abstracts as long as the papers are jointly presented by a user. Please send abstracts to me at the email address shown below. Deadline to submit abstracts is March 7, 2015


    We are also looking for sponsors for our meeting and if you are interested, please contact myself and I will be happy to share the details.






    Ashok Wadwani

    Chair APSG Central

    281 579 0492



  • 09 Jan 2015 11:21 AM | Anonymous
    In Remembrance of Jerry Hubbard       January 9, 2015  

    On behalf of the APSG Committee we would like to inform you of the passing of our Dear Friend and Colleague Jerry Hubbard

    Dear APSG Family,

    Jerry Hubbard, President of Energistics, who was a great supporter of our efforts and instrumental in getting OMG associated with the work of the Standards Leadership Council, which he founded and co-chaired, suddenly died at home on January 1, 2015. He had been recovering from cancer surgery and some as-yet unspecified complication is suspected -- although no details are available.

    Those who knew him will remember his dedication, experience, intelligence, leadership and humor. He did great things to organize the O&G standards community and create a vision for convergent efforts. Please have a thought for his family at this difficult time.

    Jerry was a key contact for us, and a person who could enable our moving our message out amongst standards organizations – Jerry’s leading the Standards Leadership Council has taken standards correlation and coordination to a new level since its inception… "



    Ashok Wadwani
    APSG Central Chapter Chair 2014-2015 

    Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics                              

    M: +1 281 300 8304

  • 23 Dec 2014 11:54 AM | Anonymous

    APSG Members,


    The APSG US West Chapter Winter Meeting still has openings for presentations. Submit an abstract and share your oil, gas, pipeline, right of way or survey story with your peers:

    • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Global Navigation Survey System (GNSS)
    • Local Reference Networks
    • Geomatics
    • Well Surveys
    • Pipeline Surveys
    • Right of Way Surveys
    • Asset Management Systems
    • A problem solved
    • A workflow made easier
    • A benefit realized

    Details for the US West Chapter Winter Meeting

    WHEN: January 29th, 2015

    Anadarko Petroleum
    1099 18th Street
    (Granite Tower Building Corner of 18th & Curtis St.)

    7th Floor Conference Room (Room #7080-A)

    Denver, Colorado, 80202-1918



    Best Regards,
    Jayson Teno
    2014-2015 APSG US West Chapter Chair
    Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics
    O: +1 303-468-2763


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