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  • 26 Aug 2019 12:18 PM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    For those attending and/or considering attending the APSG 42 Fall Meeting, it should be noted that the location of this event has changed. Previously, this meeting was to be held onsite at ExxonMobil's Houston Campus. Due to scheduling conflicts, APSG has moved the meeting to the Lakehouse at Towne Lake in Cypress, TX. Please see the Event details page for updated information on directions and parking.

  • 10 Jul 2019 9:16 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce that our APSG 42 Fall Meeting will be co-hosted with the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) as a Joint Industry Day. It will be a collaborative effort of our members to present and share knowledge across our organizations.

    Our theme for this event is Dynamic Datums: Geodesy on the Move, and the day will be spent exploring how new datums are being established as well as how they will be consumed and utilized within our industry. The agenda for our Fall Meeting is refreshingly different with the inclusion of panel discussions, short presentations, and a demonstration.

    We invite you to submit abstracts for short ten-minute technical talks - with an additional five minutes for questions - related to our theme of Dynamic Datums. Examples of topics that would make engaging talks include how dynamic datums will affect us, ways we can mitigate any risks or disruptions to our business, data management practices, etc.

    Please submit topics to Kelly Kore at by Friday, August 30, 2019.

    Tentative Agenda

    The tentative agenda for this event can be found below. Note that times are subject to shifting. A full, finalized agenda will be shared once the Call for Papers closes.

    Learn more about the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) at

  • 14 Jun 2019 3:27 PM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    APSG 42 Fall Meeting Announced!

    Are you already looking forward to APSG's Fall Meeting? We have announced the date, location, and theme! This meeting will be held on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at ExxonMobil in Spring, TX. The theme will be Geodetics on the Move: Dynamic Geodesy and Effects on the Industry and will be co-produced by the International Organization of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). Keep an eye out for a Call for Papers this summer!

    APSG 41 Presentations Now Available

    Did you miss our Spring Meeting at Oceaneering? Want to review the talks and presentations given by professionals in the industry and TAMU students? Presentations can now be downloaded from our website! Navigate to Education > Presentations > APSG US Central Chapter > APSG 41 (May 2019) to view now. Please note that you must be logged in to your APSG member account before you can access this material.

    Looking for pictures from the event? Check out our Photo Gallery for a quick look.

    Meet the Membership Chair

    APSG is excited to welcome our newest addition to the Executive Committee, David Suarez. He has joined us as the 2019 Membership Chair, and many of you may have met him at APSG 41. To reach out to him, contact

    Upcoming Events

    The following events are available on the Events Calendar. Learn more and/or RSVP online.

    • Happy Hour Social - July 11 (5pm to 8pm) at Christian's Tailgate in the Energy Corridor

    For more information about these updates, contact Jennifer Still at

  • 16 May 2019 11:18 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    APSG is excited to announce the APSG 42 Fall Meeting! This meeting will be held on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at ExxonMobil in Spring, TX. The theme for this meeting is Geodetics on the Move: Dynamic Geodesy and Effects on the Industry.

    Partnering closely with the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), APSG 42 will be held in conjunction with members of this association. We look forward to combining the interests and expertise of our organizations, facilitating connections between these two groups with lively discussions.

    Be on the lookout over the next few months as Call for Papers are sent out and a subsequent agenda announced. Learn more at Events.

  • 03 May 2019 10:57 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    The APSG Education Committee is excited to announce the Tech Workshop - Survey session at the 2019 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston, TX. Held from May 15 to May 16, this conference - also known as Esri PUG - is a central trade show for professionals in the Petroleum industry and Geographic Information System (GIS) to gather together to network, learn about new GIS and geomatics technology, and more.

    Our Education committee will be running a session during the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference to showcase industry knowledge and expertise. Find us from 3pm to 4pm on Wednesday, May 15th in Room 320 to hear the following presentations:

    The New TRF2022 Datum: Are You Ready? Conversions and Transformations That GIS Folks Need to Know About Presented by Dan Prouty, PhD (National Geodetic Survey)

    3:00PM - 3:30PM | The National Geodetic Survey will be releasing a new horizontal and vertical datum - TRF2022. We will discuss the current plan to build a new State Plane Coordinate Systems, provide conversion and transformations, and move to the new geometric Geoid. Examples of how it can be used in ArcGIS Pro will be demonstrated. Low Distortion Projections are being proposed to complement or replace existing State Plan Projections. Low Distortion Projections are linear distortions minimized at topographic surface (not at ellipsoid surface) to reduce difference between and projected "grid" and actual "ground" distances. The presentation will discuss how Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals can start to see the future Geodetic Coordinate System of TRF2022 in ArcGIS and how time dependent values can be modeled.

    Parcel and LiDAR Datasets in the TNRIS DataHub and How They Can Help You | Presented by TNRIS

    3:30PM - 4:00PM | The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) is releasing a DataHub where Geographic Information System (GIS) users can get access to more State data. TNRIS acquires data through partnerships with other federal and state agencies through the StratMap Contract, which operates through the Texas Department of Information Resources (TxDIR). We will demonstrate how you can utilize the Land Parcels and LiDAR data to build 3D maps of property to precise coordinate systems. The DataHub is a new way to access TNRIS data. The DataHub replaces the Data Catalog, Data Search & Download, and Order Data sections of the site.

    Note that these talks are included in the 2019 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Agenda under the Tech Workshop - Survey category.

    Are you attending this conference? Check in and catch up with APSG in the Expo Hall at Booth #423. We will see you there!

  • 17 Apr 2019 8:52 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    APSG is excited to announce the agenda for the Spring 2019 meeting! Thank you to all members who put papers forward for consideration. Our committee is looking forward to the variety of the topics in store for us this meeting!

    View the schedule below or download the APSG 41 Meeting Packet for abstracts and descriptions of each talk. For more information about sponsors and vendors, explore the Event page.

  • 22 Mar 2019 8:35 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    Call for Papers Closes Soon!

    We want you to be a part of APSG 41 - what better way than to present? Submit an abstract you would interested in sharing with fellow members at the meeting. Are you hesitant to submit because you aren't sure if the topic falls in line with this meeting's theme of Looking to the Future? Review the sample topics provided or message Kelly Kore at to see how it may fit in the agenda. Call for papers closes March 29, 2019.

    Interested in sponsoring and/or exhibiting at the meeting? Exhibitors and vendors are also given the opportunity to give a brief presentation. Contact Chris Echols at to learn more.

    Meet the Education Chair

    APSG is excited to welcome Stacey Lyle of Texas A&M University aboard our Executive Committee as the 2019 Education Chair! With his involvement in academia and desire to offer more Continuing Education (CEU) opportunities for members, he is a great asset to this year's governing committee. To reach out to him, contact

    APSG at Esri PUG 2019

    Our committee is pleased to announce our continued involvement in the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference, or Esri PUG, to be held May 15 to 16. This is prime opportunity for members from far and wide to connect. We will host a session at the event and have an exhibit table where APSG members and interested professionals alike can network.

    What do we need from you as a member?

    We hope you are interested in getting more involved with APSG. Enjoy talking to colleagues about the industry and education initiatives you are passionate about? Have an hour or two to spare during PUG? Spend time with us at the exhibit table! Contact Jennifer Still at with your available time to volunteer at the event.

    Want to share your knowledge of the industry and geodetic education with other professionals like you? One of the greatest values of APSG is the diversity and experience of its members. We want to share this value with attendees. Let us know if you would like to present in the APSG session at Esri PUG by contacting Stacey Lyle at

    Upcoming Events

    The following events are available on the Events Calendar. Learn more and/or RSVP online now.

    For more information about these updates, contact Jennifer Still at

  • 19 Mar 2019 3:27 PM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    Become a Sponsor and/or Exhibitor at the APSG 41 Spring Meeting on May 14, 2019 at Oceaneering.

    Exhibitor Opportunities

    We have several opportunities available for businesses to get more involved with this year's APSG Spring meeting, including:

    • Exhibit & Present - For $500/per table, this vendor table exhibitor will have the opportunity to display your products and services AND will be able to provide a 10-minute presentation on your company's products or services. These presentations will take place during the main meeting before each break to allow each sponsor plenty of time to respond to questions from members immediately following the presentation. This package also includes one free entry with breakfast, lunch, and breaks provided.
    • Exhibit Only - For $250/per table, exhibitors may display products and services in the common area where they can easily connect with members during breaks. This package also includes one free entry with breakfast, lunch, and breaks provided.

    Sponsorship Levels

    In addition to these opportunities, there are numerous sponsorships available:

    Diamond - $1,000
    Gold - $750
    Silver - $500
    Bronze - $250

    With both sponsoring and exhibiting, your company logo will be featured on the event page, event banner, and agenda. Your company will also be acknowledged at the event.

    Let me know if you would like a table and/or are interested in becoming a meeting sponsor - or REGISTER HERE to join us!

    Contact or for more information. 


    Chris Echols
    APSG Vice Chair

  • 12 Feb 2019 11:31 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    We are excited to announce the date for our Spring 2019 meeting! This meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at the Oceaneering (Corporate Office) in Houston, TX.

    Our theme for this meeting is Looking to the Future: Future-Proofing Data, Services, and Beyond.

    We are an organization built on innovation and technology. The industries in which we operate and the fields on which we focus have been altered dramatically since their founding as a result of discoveries and innovations in technology. We are keen to acknowledge the ways these industries have grown and the technologies that have helped pave the way for the efficiencies we know today. However, we must continue to look forward, visualizing how the current state is evolving and developing strategies for a smooth transition into the future. We much discern how our products and services need to advance to continue to be of value over time. By future-proofing our data and services, we can maintain relevancy and mitigate disruptions.

    For APSG 41, we invite you to share your knowledge, experiences, and thoughts on Looking to the Future. Some guiding questions that are not meant to limit your creativity in topics, but to merely help you to reflect are:

    • How are we, do we or should we as professionals cope with an every-changing environment?
    • Are there steps we can take to ensure we remain relevant in the future?
    • What is being done to guarantee you have data that can still be referenced with newer technology?
    • What are your clients not asking for that they should be?

    An extension of this may include topics like:

    • Aspects of the changing industry that have the most impact on the development
    • Cases for adopting new methodologies to ensure growth and expansion
    • Struggles with preparing data for new environments rather than just backing it up

    Are you interested in presenting? Please send the title and abstract of your topic to by Friday, March 29.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Best Regards,

    Kelly Kore
    APSG Central Chapter Chair

  • 09 Jan 2019 7:00 AM | Jennifer Still (Administrator)

    This month brings a fresh start for the year and the beginning of 2019's APSG events. View the details below for information on those events on the horizon as well as ways you can become more involved within the APSG community.


    There are currently two opportunities for Committee Chairs within the Executive Committee that governs APSG. We are currently accepting nominations for these positions - as well as volunteers for members willing to contribute their time to specific committees.

    Open positions include:

    • Membership Committee Chair
    • Education Committee Chair
    • Education Committee Members*

    Please submit applications and/or nominations to the APSG Chair at

    Membership Committee Chair

    The Chair is responsible for managing new applications for membership as well as existing memberships. He or she will also have a hand in organizing APSG's Spring and Fall events.

    Education Committee Chair
    The Chair is responsible for maintaining connections with the organization's affiliated student chapter(s), providing them guidance and instruction where needed. He or she also has the goal of establishing initiatives to help both members and soon-to-be members alike gain more knowledge of APSG and its founding principles (e.g., geodetics, surveying, Petroleum technology, CEU, etc.) through events like the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference and GIS Day.

    Education Committee Members*
    To better support the the Education Committee and its efforts, members are needed to reach out to current students and members within APSG to further the committee's initiatives. 


    The following events are now available on the Events Calendar. Learn more below or explore them here.

    • Happy Hour Socials - Networking events scheduled for January, April, July, September, and December 2019. View this month's event now.
    • THSOA US Hydro 2019 Conference - Join us March 18 - 20 in Biloxi, MS as we support THSOA's latest event. APSG will have an exhibit at this event; let us know if you are interested in volunteering your time with us there.
    • Esri Petroleum GIS Conference - Held from May 15 - 16, a call for volunteers and papers will be released soon for the APSG session at Esri PUG.
    • APSG 41 Spring Meeting - Official date TBA.

    Download PDF version of these details for distribution.

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