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APSG 43 Call for Papers Now Open

29 Jan 2020 1:28 PM | Anonymous

As an industry based on innovation, our businesses have evolved so that the job title of a Data Scientist is as common as Geodesist or GIS Technician. Within these new and old roles alike, we are responsible for automating processes and utilizing all available data to make analytical decisions. We have graduated from the days of writing basic programming scripts to fulfill a small, specific task in our daily duties. Now, we embrace emerging technologies to make a more lasting and scalable impact on the most complex tasks within the geodetic workflow. These technologies include computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), building information modeling (BIM), augmented reality (AR), machine learning, blockchain, digital twins, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and the list goes on. 

With this new automation methodology at our disposal, how can it be used to innovate geodesy and our workflow?

The key to our efficiencies is the sharing and mastery of knowledge and skills. As we begin to understand how it is being used in real-world scenarios, we can better determine how we can use it for our own workflows and processes. For APSG 43, we are seeking presentations that share enterprising automated geodesy workflows geared toward helping our industry ensure safety and reduce impact on the Earth while bringing Energy resources to the masses. Whether small or large, tell us how this data modernization is streamlining your daily workflow.

To help guide you in brainstorming a topic, we have provided several guiding questions below. They are not intended to limit your creativity but instead offer a sense of what we are hoping to achieve from this meeting: 

  • As a data scientist, what methods, processes, algorithms, and systems are you using in your day to day operations in Geodesy?

  • What creative uses for fusing of CAD/GIS/BIM have you accomplished? (Show and Tell)

  • Tell us about Intelligence, referring to People, Business, and Earth.

  • Cybersecurity is an extremely vital part of today‚Äôs business world. Are there preferences between cloud-based technology vs server-based?

  • Who owns the data that is collected in the field, and does that data become a company asset?

Please submit topics to Chris Echols at chair@apsg.info by Friday, February 28, 2020.

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