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APSG 41 Spring Meeting: Save the Date & Call for Papers

12 Feb 2019 11:31 AM | Anonymous

Dear Members,

We are excited to announce the date for our Spring 2019 meeting! This meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at the Oceaneering (Corporate Office) in Houston, TX.

Our theme for this meeting is Looking to the Future: Future-Proofing Data, Services, and Beyond.

We are an organization built on innovation and technology. The industries in which we operate and the fields on which we focus have been altered dramatically since their founding as a result of discoveries and innovations in technology. We are keen to acknowledge the ways these industries have grown and the technologies that have helped pave the way for the efficiencies we know today. However, we must continue to look forward, visualizing how the current state is evolving and developing strategies for a smooth transition into the future. We much discern how our products and services need to advance to continue to be of value over time. By future-proofing our data and services, we can maintain relevancy and mitigate disruptions.

For APSG 41, we invite you to share your knowledge, experiences, and thoughts on Looking to the Future. Some guiding questions that are not meant to limit your creativity in topics, but to merely help you to reflect are:

  • How are we, do we or should we as professionals cope with an every-changing environment?
  • Are there steps we can take to ensure we remain relevant in the future?
  • What is being done to guarantee you have data that can still be referenced with newer technology?
  • What are your clients not asking for that they should be?

An extension of this may include topics like:

  • Aspects of the changing industry that have the most impact on the development
  • Cases for adopting new methodologies to ensure growth and expansion
  • Struggles with preparing data for new environments rather than just backing it up

Are you interested in presenting? Please send the title and abstract of your topic to chair@apsg.info by Friday, March 29.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,

Kelly Kore
APSG Central Chapter Chair

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