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Volunteers Needed for Houston Area GIS Days

17 Sep 2014 7:56 PM | Anonymous
Volunteers Needed for the APSG Booth at the Houston Area GIS Days
Houston Area GIS Days
September 17, 2014
Houston Area GIS Days - We need your help! 

APSG is one of the sponsors of the upcoming Houston Area GIS days to be held on November 19th and 21st. The November 19th activities are for GIS professionals and the 21st activities are for students. We are looking for volunteers for managing our booth and making a presentation on any GEOSPATIAL TOPIC which may be of interest to the attendees (from city and industry) at:


1. November 19th professional day to be held at City of Houston office downtown on Walker Street

2. November 21st student day to be held at Texas Southern University -managing the booth only.


APSG will also be participating in the TEXAS A&M University GIS day on November 19th.


If you are interested in attending and helping out, please contact Samantha, Samantha.Murray@petrosys-usa.com  

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