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Proposed Amendment to Articles of Association Being Withdrawn

03 May 2013 9:40 AM | Alma Alling
The APSG Executive Committee withdraws proposed amendment to Articles of Association.

Message to the APSG membership from Barry Barrs, Chair of STAC

Re: Proposed Amendment to Articles of Association Being Withdrawn

Since the recent email announcement concerning the proposed amendment to the APSG Articles of Association, numerous emails have been received, in addition to one phone call, voicing concerns that the amendment is not specific enough as currently written. After discussing this further with a spokesperson for the group opposed to the amendment it was mutually agreed that the amendment would be withdrawn and STAC will continue to meet and work on both organizational structure changes needed to incorporate Chapters and the establishment of more specifics around the STAC. To ensure that the APSG membership are engaged in and informed of these proposed changes well in advance, the plan is to make every effort to have the proposed Articles of Association changes ready for review by the full membership approximately three months prior to the fall 2013 meeting.  This will provide ample time to obtain feedback from the members for due consideration and make any additional adjustments well in advance of the fall meeting.

The time currently set aside on the agenda at the spring meeting for “Amendments to Articles of Association” will be used to engage the membership on ideas for consideration for the organizational structure changes to incorporate Chapters and put more specifics around STAC.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting

For more info on the spring meeting, click here.

If you have any questions concerning the information in this email, please contact Barry Barrs - Chair of the STAC.
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