ASPG And GeoGathering 2013

18 Mar 2013 12:30 PM | Alma Alling
APSG would like to announce and encourage members to attend the 2013 GeoGathering conference. It will be held at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO from August 21 - 22, 2013.

- Data Collection and Sharing -

August 21 - 22, 2013

Cheyenne Mountain Resort
Colorado Springs, Colorado
APSG & GeoGathering
APSG encourages our membership to exchange geodetic, cartographic, and spatial data management knowledge and best practices to advance survey technology relating to worldwide petroleum development.  The upcoming GeoGathering conference will provide a great forum in which you can do this!

Please consider attending and/or being a speaker at GeoGathering and representing the APSG.  You may also take an active participatory role in one of the interactive networking sessions, helping clarify the need to possess and employ sound geodetic knowledge and practices in both the field and office, and in between.

If you would like to attend or present at GeoGathering then please submit your abstract by March 29 via their
website or email Victoria Skogman directly.
About GeoGathering
GeoGathering will take place in beautiful Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort on August 21-22, 2013. This year’s theme, Developing a Data Strategy: Data Collection and Sharing, focuses on the need for efficient and effective strategies around data collection and integrity, sharing, management, analysis, and accessibility…all topics into which rigorous geodetic policies and application need to be interjected to enhance operational safety and effective decision making.

Acquisitions and fast growth in the gathering industry are forcing operators to take a hard look at their data, from its collection through its provision to the decision makers.  It means looking at data from a much different perspective than before.

GeoGathering provides a collaborative venue for oil & gas gathering system and upstream operators to share their experiences and learn from others.
- Call for Abstracts is Open! -

If you are interested in participating in this year’s conference, please submit a presentation abstract at the GeoGathering website today. Deadline for submissions is March 29, 2013. Recommended topics include:

  • PHMSA MAOP Strategies
  • Collection Methods to Meet Requirements
  • Data Sharing: GIS as an Enterprise
  • Organizing Data for Decision-Makers
  • MAOP & Collecting the Right Data
  • Acquisitions & Validating the Data
  • Environmental Permitting: Collection & Management of the Data
  • Data Security and the Cloud
  • Field & Office Data Strategies
  • What Makes Gathering Systems Unique
  • Developing a Data Sharing Strategy
  • Collecting & Sharing Information to Help Enhance Pipeline Safety
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