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Presentations & Meeting Mins. for Winter US West Chapter Meeting

12 Feb 2013 9:18 AM | Anonymous
  The Winter APSG US West Chapter Meeting presentations and meeting minutes are now available.
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Winter US West Chapter Meeting

To view/download a presentation, please click on the presenter's name to download a PDF of their presentation.

Robert White
Improving Well and Section Corner Coordinates: Ramification for GIS

Elizabeth Crawley
Improving Well & GIS Coordinates

James Stolle
Improving State Submission Requirements for Directional Surveys Will Improve the Geospatial Data Management of Newly Submitted Survey Data

Brian Timoney
How Something for Nothing May be the Key to Unlocking the Value of Your Data

Noel Zinn
Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed: A Geodetic Approach to Scalable Visualization without Cartographic Distortion

Anatoly Panaytov
How the HDS Can Influence Oil & Gas Geospatial Data

Randy Bloom
A Short Lists of Useful Things to Know About the Bureau of Land Management Geographic Coordinate Data Base

Jan Van Sickle
North American Datums

Meeting Minutes
To download the meeting minutes from the APSG US West Chapter: Winter 2013 Meeting, please click here. To view other meeting minutes, visit: www.apsg.info/mtgmins.
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