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04 Feb 2013 8:11 AM | Anonymous
Dave Byrne, the APSG Chair, speaks about upcoming APSG events,
community awareness and education opportunities
A Letter From The Chair
February 4, 2013
Dear Members,

Greetings!  I hope your 2013 is off to a great start. The APSG is certainly looking forward to an active 2013 and I want to draw your attention to some upcoming activities in which I hope you can find time to participate. As always, the success of all our events depends on your contribution, promotion, and support.
APSG Participation in ESRI PUG
The ESRI Petroleum Users Group meeting will be held in Houston this year on May 7-9.  As we have for the last eight years, APSG plans to sponsor a geodetics awareness workshop.  As a new initiative for the second year, APSG will facilitate and judge a map competition as part of our Education Outreach.  If you are interested in contributing to the workshop presentations please contact our Education Chair, Ashok Wadwani.  We also strongly encourage each of you to consider delivering a presentation at the conference outside of the workshop track, but under the APSG banner, to further educate on and promote geodetic awareness, knowledge, and best practices.  This is a great venue for reaching geospatial data users and decision makers across in our adjacent disciplines and areas of expertise.  Details for presentation submission can be found at http://www.esri.com/events/petroleum-energy/get-involved/presentations.html.  Note that the drop-dead deadline for abstract submissions is February 8 so don’t delay!

APSG 29 Spring Meeting
We will hold our APSG spring meeting on Friday, May 10, at the Chevron auditorium in downtown Houston.  The meeting theme is “Getting Back to Our Geodetic Roots”.  If you are interested in delivering a 30 to 40 minute presentation relevant to this foundational topic then please contact Jim Cain.  Abstract submissions will be accepted until April 10, 2013.  Our key note speaker will be Roger Lott, a well-respected geodesy leader in our industry

APSG 30 Fall Meeting
The fall meeting of the APSG will take place on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. The venue and theme for this meeting are not yet finalized, but both will be unveiled soon.

Applied Mapping Seminar
It’s coming back!  Plans are underway to offer the popular Applied Mapping Seminar on Thursday, September 26, 2013, for mappers, geotechs, land techs, data loaders, data managers…and anyone else that works with geospatial data.  Seminar details will be provided on the APSG website soon.

Community Awareness and Education Opportunities
The APSG has been asked to provide presenters at various college and university campuses and GIS Day activities in Texas and Oklahoma in 2013. This is an outstanding opportunity for us to reach beyond our local venues and our petroleum-centric base to expose the next generation of mappers and spatial data managers and manipulators to the importance and immeasurable value of possessing a sound understanding of fundamental geodesy and geodetic principles.  Contact our Education Chair, Ashok Wadwani, if you can assist with one of these opportunities.  This will build on our recent successful outreach through Houston Area GIS day and the PPDM Winter Seminar in Houston.

We are also working with the Geological Society of America to support them at their 125th annual conference in Denver. If you are interested in attending or presenting, please contact Ashok Wadwani.

APSG Status Report
More details will be given at APSG 29 meeting hosted by Chevron in the Fall.  Here is the summary:
  • 425 total members, of which
    • 22 are life time
    • 33 are full time students
    • 193 are past due for 2013 subscriptions, so please help APSG by paying right away
  • Chapters are operating in Houston, Denver, and Calgary
  • Chapters are in planning in Kuala Lumpur, Europe, Australia, and Middle East
  • Retained acronym of APSG and rebranded from Americas Petroleum Survey Group to Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics
  • Our education program continues to be our core competency and “silverware”
We are all about elevating awareness, educating, and promoting implementation of foundational geodesy principles and practices across the many facets of the petroleum industry.  As such, I want to encourage each of you to create opportunities to bring friends, coworkers, or business associates to at least one of our many events in 2013 and helping them become actively involved in our mission, too.  I look forward to seeing you at one or more of our events this year!


Dave Byrne
2012-2013 APSG Chair
Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics

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