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APSG TAMU Continuing Education Course

  • 27 Apr 2018
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • College Station, TX

Surveying Plat Workflow for Texas Railroad Commission Using GIS and BIM

1st Annual APSG TAMU Student Chapter Continuing Education Course


We, the students of the APSG Texas A&M student chapter,  wanted to cordially invite you to our first continuing education course on Friday, April 27th. We are excited to be working with our faculty to sponsor this event and we are looking forward to engaging with participants of the course. This is also acting as a  fundraising initiative for events that our organization sponsors such as "TAMU Drone Day".

APSG TAMU Student Chapter 1st Annual Continuing Education Course: 

Theme: Surveying Plat Workflow for Texas Railroad Commission using GIS and BIM

Friday, April 27, 2018, TAMU , College Station, TX 

Primary Instructor: Stacey Lyle, PhD, RPLS

Summary: This course will contain lectures by  faculty and from professionals  from the oil and gas industry as to communicate a balance of academic and industry perspectives.


• Survey Plat to the Texas Railroad Commission.

• Apply Translation data models to convert CAD to GIS

• Design Plats that Meet the TBPLS and TxRRC requirements.

• Organize Plats to have Standards for rapid visualization into a Building Information Models using FME

• Write Javascript and Python Tools to export CAD data to GIS

• Devise the best methods to share data to others in real time to reduce cost and risk.

Very Respectfully,

Hilario Lumbreras '18

Geographic Information Science and Technology B.S

APSG TAMU Student Chapter President

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