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OGP P formats

  • 07 Aug 2014 11:48 AM
    Message # 3066600

    The OGP is about to finalize the latest versions of the new P1/11, P2/11 and P6/11 positional exchange data formats.  They latest revision is currently being assessed for publication and distribution.  These new formats have greatly expanded the capability of providing pre-mission, raw and finalized positioning data over their UKOOA and SEG predecessors.  Many of the new features are aimed at resolving inconsistency and incompleteness in geodesy, providing more ability to adapt to changes in acquisition, expand the amount of metadata retained and support for other acquisition methods besides marine.  Several of the contractors have already implemented the P2 for recording raw data on the latest large cable and trace count marine surveys.

    I strongly suggest you check the OGP survey and positioning site and at least download a copy of the latest documentation and start to get familiar with it.

    For many there will be software implications as well as becoming aware of the extensive geodetic identity information contained in the headers.  Besides myself there are a number of members of the committee tasked with developing these formats available to answer questions and provide support.

    I will be tasked with presenting the advantages for adopting the new formats in the coming months at various venues. I hope to see or meet with many of you in person to try and help you realize the benefit of early adoption of these formats. If you aren't supporting or thinking about these formats you are already behind the curve.



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