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APSG presents at PPDM Data Management Symposium in Houston

11 Mar 2012 2:17 PM | Alma Alling
APSG presents at PPDM Data Management Symposium in Houston. The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) expressed appreciation after the presentation of “Geodetic Integrity: The Essential Basics for Data Managers and Users”.  This presentation was part of APSG’s industry education outreach initiative. Said APSG presenter, Michael Barnes, “PPDM staff and members have a keen interest in geodetic integrity since it is key element of their data management. I am pleased that APSG were able to raise awareness at this meeting. Also, it was good to learn from PPDM and I commend their interesting document “What is a Well?” to all members of APSG.” The presentation is available at PPDM Presentation (March 2012).

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