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IOGP Published Formats Update

27 May 2015 3:20 PM | Anonymous

IOGP  Releases Version 1.1 of its P1 and P2 Geophysical Position Data Exchange Format

Dear Members & Guests,

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has released version  1.1 of its P1 and P2 geophysical position data exchange formats.  Originally released in 2012 to replace the UKOOA P1/90 and P2/94 formats, the revised versions incorporate industry feedback from the first release and provide greater flexibility – without changing the fundamental format structure. For example, the format now enables the recording of land and OBC formats and additional peripheral sensor or QC data. 

The OGP P1/11 v1.1, OGP P2/11 v1.1 formats are available at: and (also at

The formats incorporate learnings from the first two years of implementation and include enhancements requested by the industry, such as: handling channel grouping; ‘virtual’ position objects such as mid-points; global pre-plot attributes; event-based attributes; receiver and source relation records
IOGP is revising the original user guide. It is expected to be published during Q3  2015.

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