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APSG Member, Jay Hollingsworth is now Chief Technology Officer at Energistics

10 Jul 2013 7:47 AM | Alma Alling
Dave Byrne, the APSG Chair, announces Jay Hollingsworth's new position as Chief Technology Officer at Energistics.
A Letter From The Chair
July 10, 2013
Dear Members & Guests,

If you did not see the recent announcement, Jay Hollingsworth, one of our past APSG Chairs, is the new Chief Technology Officer at Energistics.  This is very exciting news!  With Jay’s new appointment with this energy industry standards group, the APSG looks forward to having an experienced and knowledgeable voice in a great position in which to raise industry awareness of geomatics, geodetics, geospatial data, and mapping sciences.  See the entire announcement at


Dave Byrne
2012-2013 APSG Chair
Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics

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