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Amendments to Articles of Association

  • 02 May 2012
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Amendments to Articles of Association for Next APSG Meeting


The following amendments to the APSG Articles of Association are made herewith by resolution of the Executive Committee and are presented here for your review, 30+ days in advance of the upcoming Spring Meeting:

Amendment 12 – change the name of the association from Americas Petroleum Survey Group to Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics.  This change will require the following changes:

First sentence of the first paragraph of the Articles of Association as follows: The Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics is an unincorporated association of individuals who desire to exchange geodetic and cartographic information relating to worldwide petroleum development. 

First sentence under Article 1 (Name) as follows: The name of the association shall be the Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics, hereinafter called APSG.

First sentence under Article 8 (Establishment) as follows:  The foregoing Articles of Association are subscribed to and The Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics is established by the founding members whose names are subscribed on the attached Annex.

Amendment 13 – Change all references from Active to Annual in the following:

Article 4 – Membership, Section 1. Membership Classification, A. Active Membership.

Article 4 – Membership, Section 2. Membership Committee., A

Article 5 – Governing, Section 2. Officers, F. & F (ii)

Article 7 – Amendments, Section 1. Proposal of Amendments., (ii)

Article 7 – Amendments, Section 4. Consideration of Amendments.

Amendment 14 – make the following changes to Article 4 – Membership:

Add new item (6) under Section 1. Membership Classification, A. Annual Membership as follows: (6) Multiple terms of annual membership are allowed based on an assessed financial commitment by the Executive Committee.

Drop in its entirety subsection B. Associate Membership under Section 1. Membership Classification.

Add new subsection B. Lifetime Membership under Section 1. Membership Classification with the following new item (1) as follows:  (1) Same as Annual Membership above but financial commitment has been fulfilled per the amount established by the Executive Committee.

Add new subsection C. Student Membership under Section 1. Membership Classification with the following new items as follows:

  1. Student Membership in APSG shall be available to individuals attending University or College level courses that involve learning in one or more of the following Sciences: Geomatics, Surveying, Positioning, Geospatial Data, and Mapping.
  2. Proof of current registration in University or College required.
  3. Student Membership can be renewed annually for as long as the person remains registered in University or College.
  4. Student members will have no voting rights.
  5. Upon completion of education, student members that are eligible are encouraged to join APSG as annual members.

If you have any issues or concerns with the above amendments please contact Barry Barrs at



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