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APSG23: Spring 2010 Meeting

  • 07 May 2010
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • QTheater at WesternGeco, 10001 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77042-4299


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The APSG Spring Meeting will be May 7th in the QTheater at WesternGeco in Houston.

The theme: Our Spatial Data – An Asset or a Liability?  

You are invited to share your experiences and present the key components of spatial data management enabling data to be an asset and not a liability.

Spatial data covers the industry lifecycle from business development, global exploration and new ventures, to sub-surface development, engineering designs, construction, production, pipeline operations, and marketing products, with land, lease, contracts and license management spanning the entire life of the oilfield assets. Even as we abandon an asset, spatial data is important in this business process.  

Environmental, health and safety, as well as logistics also depend on quality spatial data in order to be truly effective… Spatial data quality affects whether or not we are able to respond and run our business well.

We spend great quantities of money on creating, purchasing, and managing spatial information…  Lack of awareness about ensuring data quality amongst those who use this information suggests this information may not be regarded as an asset.  This can create liabilities which amount to dollars lost, health and safety threatened, and at the end of the day the business loses.

Click here to download the Agenda for the Spring Meeting.

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